I married an Heating & A/C company for a reason


When I decided to marry our wife, I am not going to lie about the fact that I married him with the fact that she was an Heating & A/C company in mind… Obviously, I didn’t marry our wife only because she is an Heating & A/C company.

  • I care about our wife, & I would have married him if she wasn’t an Heating & A/C company.

She is a superb man, & she is a wonderful wife. However, she is also a genuinely superb Heating & A/C company. I remember when I first found out that she was an Heating & A/C company. I suppose that there are a lot of strenuous jobs & some easier jobs, but I suppose that Heating & A/C companys suppose how to labor hard. I would see him after she worked for the Heating & A/C business all day, & it seemed so manly that she was covered in dirt & stuff, then as an Heating & A/C company, our wife makes a lot of cash, & all of us are able to live comfortably with only her income. I still have a side job to help out with bills, but our wife makes enough with the Heating & A/C business that I would never need to. Also, when I remembered that all of us would never have to pay an Heating & A/C company to do labor on our oil furnace or air conditioner, I realized that all of us would be able to save cash. If all of us ever moved or had a problem, our wife could definitely find a job with another Heating & A/C business anywhere in the country. Still, she won our heart when she offered to fix our oil furnace for free in the middle of the night while all of us were dating.

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