The perfect solution


In my plans to become healthier, I have installed many HVAC components in my home, but I have a UV air cleaner, a humidifier, as well as I am using HEPA air filters.

I decided that I needed to workout more too, so I thought it would be nice to have a gym component set up in my basement… When I started working out, I realized that something was missing.

When I hit the gym, I really started to sweat; This made it so I had to crank up the air conditioner, however the problem was that I was wasting energy by overcooling the entire place. I decided to reach out to the HVAC supplier again to see what I could do about this problem with cooling in my basement. This is when I ended up learning about HVAC zone control. I particularly never knew that you could have your home separated in many different zones with customized temperature control settings. I thought this would be the perfect solution for working out in my basement separate from having to waste a ton of energy cooling the entire household, and so I had the HVAC service techs just install the HVAC zone control in my home, as well as I am entirely passionate about it! I now have a separate temperature control in my basement as well as in some of the other rooms in my home. I can finally start to focus on heating as well as cooling energy in the parts of the condo that I am using, as well as this allows me to save an immense amount of cash! It’s nice to be able to love an enjoyable workout separate from having to stress out about raising the energy bills with higher settings.