I love having zone control


In our mission to become healthier, I have installed several HVAC components in and around my home.

I have a UV whole-apartment air purifier, a humidifier, and now I am using HEPA air filters.

I decided that I needed to workout more too, so I thought it would be nice to have a gym unit set up in our basement, however when I started actually working out, I realized that something was nowhere to be found. Every time that I workout, I entirely work up a sweat! This made it so I had to crank up the a/c, but the concern was that I was wasting energy by overcooling the entire household. I decided to reach out to the HVAC business again to see what I could do about this concern with cooling down in my basement. This is when I received information about HVAC zone control. I honestly never knew that you could have your apartment separated in odd zones with customized temperature control settings. I thought this would be the perfect solution for actually working out in our basement without having to waste massive amounts of energy cooling the entire household, but so I had the HVAC professionals install the HVAC zone control in our home, & I am actually romanticizing it! I now have a separate temperature control in our basement & in some of the other rooms in our home. I can now focus the heating and cooling energy in the parts of the apartment that I am using, & this allows myself and others to save a big amount of money! It’s nice to be able to like a good workout without having to be worried about raising the energy costs with higher a/c settings.

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