Making some big changes


In the last three or four weeks, our family and I have decided that it is time for us to start taking better care of our bodies, then every one of us have all made the decision to watch what both of us eat and how often both of us move our bodies, and it is crucial to do some sort of physical interest at least once a day, occasionally both of us go on family bike rides, run around the village, or just go ahead and take a walk on the beach at sunset.

Every one of us also decided to transform the garage into a beach house gym, the garage was a cluttered mess when both of us decided to make the change.

Obviously, there is no AC in the garage therefore we could tell that both of us would have to look into decreasing that. My spouse and I started doing research on the best way to cool a garage. Every one of us had already had a good experience with a portable AC component that both of us recently obtained for my daughters bedroom. The portable AC component worked wonders for our daughters hot room that was located directly above the garage. Every one of us decided that the best thing to do was to test the portable AC component out in the garage for a day or so. We moved the portable AC component to the garage, then after studying that the portable AC component would cool the garage down so abruptly, both of us ordered one not long after! Transforming the garage to a beach house gym was the best method our family ever had. Now, both of us have a designated arena to work out at our own home.

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