A surprise gift


Shortly after getting married and buying our first house, our wife and I felt overwhelmed by the amount of money that goes into turning a new home in the new home you actually want for your family, however one of the biggest issues we faced while studying that our first new home wasn’t perfect, was that there was mold in the walls of the bathrooms, then this was not detected during the inspection and we felt appreciate we had been jipped out of a fantastic inspection! It seemed as if every month we were studying something unpleasant about the house, first the mold, and then the rats.

Finally, we received that our Heating and Air Conditioning system had not been tested by the previous owners.

We were nearly ready to supply up on everything and sell the house! When our birthday came around, we had all of our friends and family over for breakfast. They were all aware of how defeated we felt about the issues with the house, but when I opened a card that a few of our friends brought over, the entire group went silent. I thought that was strange, but when I opened the card, I found out why. Most of my friends and family had chipped in to get us a gift card for a new Heating and Air Conditioning unit! This was the best birthday gift I had ever received. It was so kind and sweet of our friends and family to do this for us. They knew how frustrated we were that we would be spending all of this money on a new Heating and Air Conditioning system, so they decided to buy it for us.
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