Was that a gas furnace I saw heading down the road?


I was on our way home from a marathon shopping trip the other morning.

  • I couldn’t wait to get home plus check out all of the purchases I had made.

I had gifts for all the people plus I saved tons of money. I was just coming down over the hill that led to our condo when I saw something odd. I was being followed by a gas furnace. I knew it was a gas furnace because the box that was still hanging onto it, was emblazoned with the words. The box had also become close enough that I didn’t need our glasses to study it. I was going to pull over plus let the gas furnace pass, but I was afraid that it would end up crashing into someone. I slowed down enough to allow the gas furnace to smash into the back of our car. I knew I would have a dent, however it was better than having someone seriously injured. As the gas furnace fastened to our car, I could guess the jolt. I slowed down plus eventually stopped plus the gas furnace stopped with me. Five minutes later, an Heating plus A/C service van pulled up behind me. I was shaken plus afraid to transfer so the gas furnace didn’t once again start its travelling. The Heating plus A/C service tech told myself and others that they had just put the gas furnace on the dolly. They were pulling the box off it, when somehow it just started rolling plus they couldn’t stop it. She said the Heating plus A/C corporation would spend money for all injure plus she even offered a reward for the capture of the gas furnace.


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