Pretty sure that new home is up to something


I’m the type of man who absolutely gets actually paranoid, and i have a lot of negative thoughts that naturally string through my head, whether they are logical or not, and this is truly the case when I’m spending too much time alone in a new home at night.

If it’s night time, my paranoias and skiers are going to be quadrupled! Any sound, creak, or tiny movement around the new home convinces me that somebody is inside and ready to murder me. I have seen too several episodes of Forensic Files to peacefully fall back asleep after I heard a floorboard creak or a bang from the overhead ventilation system. This is exactly what happened to the other afternoon when I noticed that my Heating and A/C system was doing something strange. That evening, I thought that I was hearing whispers all around me. I deduced that it must be the air blowing out of my vents, because the central a/c was running for the first time that night. I did not want to worry about the cooling system ghosts, but they persistently grew louder, but when I laid back down to go to sleep, I could not stop hearing skittering through the HVAC ducts that surrounded my room. There were strange noises with or separate from the AC device running and I was growing actually scared of whatever was lying in my HVAC duct. After two sleepless nights of this, I finally called a professional heating and cooling professional for help with my possessed Heating and A/C system. When they arrived at my house, they hastily diagnose the issue, and my a/c was fine, my new home truly wasn’t haunted… but my HVAC ducts were serving as lake new home to a family of possums.


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