I don’t want to go into the basement!


Let me preface this by telling you I prefer our home.

I fell in prefer with our beach house when I first walked into it.

I assume safe there at evening when our partner is working. I just don’t like the basement. Even as a kid, I didn’t want to go into the basement if someone wasn’t already down there or going with me. No 1 ever puts enough lighting into the basement. I can’t understand why a company would put a gas furnace or device into a basement, if they will not supply nice lighting. It kills me that whenever I call the Heating and Air Conditioning company; they want information on the method that forces me to go into the basement. I know that if I were smart, I would bring the paperwork upstairs. I could have all the information they want on the gas furnace, there in the entryway. I would not need to go to the basement until the Heating and Air Conditioning tech arrived to labor on the gas furnace. All the information I need about the device and the gas furnace is on the shelf above the gas furnace. I suppose it seems stupid to have it downstairs, but I don’t have enough junk drawer space to have it in the entryway. My partner told me to put the Heating and Air Conditioning information in our office. I’m not actually organized and if I put it in the office, it will get lost in the shuffle. I know that I was petty with this reasoning, but it was the truth. I know I will have to swallow and head into the basement so I can bring the Heating and Air Conditioning paperwork upstairs and store it in the entryway anywhere.

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