April can’t come soon enough


This Winter has been unquestionably anticlimactic.

There hasn’t been unquestionably much snow plus the temperatures have been on the mild side.

I’m not saying it hasn’t been cold, but it has been normal. The people I was with and I live in an area where you can have temperatures in the forties a single day plus the next day it is in the teens. You have six inches of snow in the day plus by the end of the day, the snow is melted. My partner had been enjoying this weather. She drives a snowplow plus she had only had two all night plowing occasions. I don’t think she minds because she has an excellent Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system in the truck. She just doesn’t care about being out in the chilly when she needs to refill the calcium hopper. The other day, the people I was with and I had sixteen inches of snow plus temperatures were near zero. The wind was blowing so taxing that it was all you could do to lay up straight. School was cancelled for several days. The moment our partner looked at the weather report, she was grumbling. She abruptly worried about not having enough wood for the fireplace. She said she should be beach house taking care of the fireplace so the people I was with and I didn’t freeze. I had to laugh when she said that Spring couldn’t come soon enough for him. I reminded him of how she had spent twenty-two afternoons plowing snow last year. She told myself and others that the heating in the truck was all that kept him going. I told him to quit being a baby plus get to work. I was able to take care of the furnace plus the fireplace.


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