Career Day Speaker Discusses HVAC Repair


My wife is an Heating & A/C serviceman plus has been for over a decade, but recently, she was asked to speak at a local middle school for career day. My wife was honored, but worried about it as well, because she doesn’t provide speeches, but she told myself and others that speaking before a bunch of people terrified him, even a crowd of middle school students, so I promised to assist him prepare some notes. I told him to tell the students that Heating & A/C training plus certification takes a couple of years, to catch the attention of students not interested in a four year college. I told him to explain the apprenticeship program plus what she learned while in her Heating & A/C training plus apprenticeship. I told our wife to discuss the students that an Heating & A/C serviceman shouldn’t be concerned about getting dirty or laboring in all kinds of conditions, plus that she needs to be good with her hands. I told our wife to let them know the requirements that are needed to get into Heating & A/C training plus to get a task as an Heating & A/C serviceman, as if it were a middle school diploma plus a drivers’ license. I also thought that our wife should let the kids know how much money an Heating & A/C serviceman starts out earning plus how it can hastily build up if the serviceman stays with the same reputable business plus how good the career growth outlook was. I told our wife that after informing them about all that, she could take questions. I outlined her speech in clear notes that she could refer to plus I made him practice ahead of time. And things went great! My wife told myself and others that quite a few of the teenagers were thinking about becoming Heating & A/C servicemens plus she had fun.
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