HVAC Career is Topic of Assignment


Our third grade kid mentioned to us at lunchtime the other day that she had been given homework to interview someone who worked in a career that she may be interested in entering one day.

Since her mom is an Heating & A/C serviceman, it’s safe to suppose that our kid would consider that as a career some day, plus our wife was the most obvious one to interview for this homework assignment.

My wife told our kid that she went to a technical university for almost many years for Heating & A/C training plus certification, plus that she had to undergo an apprenticeship to practice her skills under the guidance of a more experienced Heating & A/C serviceman. My wife explained all about the benefits of laboring for plus staying with a single good business, the benefits that she gets, plus how much money could be earned. We explained that where both of us live, Heating & A/C servicemans are required to get continuing education to renew their license, which is vital, because with Heating & A/C technology increasing yearly, there are always new things to understand. We explained that to get into Heating & A/C training school, you have to finish high school or have a GED. A Heating & A/C serviceman needs a drivers’ license with no accidents. Then our wife asked our kid if she had any questions but she couldn’t think of any. My kid ended up getting a really good grade on her homework assignment plus the professor even called plus asked our wife to participate in career day. I’m glad things worked out like they did, but, I wonder what would have happened if my wife did not have a job outside the home ?



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