HVAC Being Sold Door to Door


My Aunt Betty is a trusting old lady who has always been sheltered either by her parents which would be my grandparents.

Occasionally she finds it strenuous fending for herself now that her dad is no longer here, because she always wants to think the best of people.

Just a short while back, she got taken in by some supposed Heating & A/C specialists. Two young women knocked on her front door plus offered our Grandmother 25% off the upgrade of an Heating & A/C replacement and they would remove and donate her old Heating & A/C unit to a family in need. My Aunt Betty thought that was an excellent idea, because her old Heating & A/C unit was pretty darn old plus she liked to help those in need. She was assuming the modern Heating & A/C unit would be a good idea because of reduced utility bills, especially at 25% off the original asking cost. Well, it turns out that the Heating & A/C unit wasn’t 25% off, only the labor and installation was! Aunt Betty had to pay full price for the unit, plus her old Heating & A/C unit was not dead! I told Aunt Betty that she should have talked to myself and others first. I would have done a little research on the company beforehand. I have never heard of installing used Heating & A/C systems plus I’m not positive that a reputable business would do that, even as a charitable venture. What’s even worse, the Heating & A/C unit came with no warranty, plus it is already making weird noises. These little “Heating & A/C specialists” never even gave our Aunt Betty a business card or a receipt. For all both of us know, this Heating & A/C unit could be hot. I think both of us should call the police.
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