People keep giving me nice thermostats


I just don’t understand why everyone always thinks that I need a thermostat.

For some reason, people are always giving me their old thermostats.

I used to have a really old thermostat, but I got rid of that thermostat a long time ago. I had a dial thermostat for my furnace and for my central air conditioner. At one point, I had to have two separate thermostats for my HVAC units because the model that I had was not very good. It wasn’t like I was too poor to be able to afford a better thermostat. I just didn’t want to replace these thermostats until they stopped working. There is no point in spending money to replace a working thermostat. I work from home, and not having a thermostat that could be programmed didn’t really bother me. However, once my thermostats broke, I bought a very nice thermostat. My friends kept forgetting that I changed my thermostats, so they have been constantly giving me their thermostats when they upgrade. My friends upgrade their thermostats every few years, and I have quite a collection. I tell them that I already have a nice thermostat, but they still insist. Sometimes, I think that they are just using me to get rid of their junk, and they know I will take the thermostats. I have nothing to do with them, so I have been selling the thermostat for extra cash. Honestly, I hope that they continue giving them to me. It has been nice. Every once in awhile, I will get a nicer thermostat and change them out. It is great!

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