I am always receiving temperature controls from friends


I truly just don’t understand why most people always believe that I need a temperature control unit… For some crazy reason, people are always giving myself and others their ancient temperature control units… I used to have an entirely ancient temperature control unit, however I got rid of that temperature control device a long time ago.

I had a dial temperature control device for my gas furnace as well as for my central A/C appliance. At a single point, I had to have multiple separate temperature control units for my HVAC appliances because the model that I had was not especially good. It wasn’t like I was too broke to be able to afford a better temperature control unit. I just didn’t want to replace these temperature control units until they eventually quit working. There honestly is no point in spending money to replace a working temperature control unit. I task from my dwelling, as well as not having a temperature control device that could be programmed didn’t really bother me too much. However, once my temperature control units broke, I bought a truly nice control unit. My buddies kept on forgetting that I changed my temperature control units, so they have been consistently giving myself and others their control control units when they replace theirs. My friends replace their temperature control units every few years or so, as well as I have a pretty good collection. I tell them that I already have a nice temperature control unit, however they still insist! Sporadically, I suppose that they are just using me to get rid of their junk, as well as they suppose I will take the temperature control units. I have nothing to do with them, so I have been selling the temperature control devices for a little bit of extra currency. Honestly, I hope that they keep on giving them to me. It has been pretty good money on the side. Every once in awhile, I will get a nicer temperature control device as well as change them out. It is wonderful!


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