Replacing windows to reduce stress on furnace


I recently installed all new windows in my home.

Because of the severe winter weather in my area, I needed to spend more on thermal pane, Energy Star windows.

Each window cost over two hundred dollars and I bought eighteen windows. I had to save up for quite a while to be able to afford this project. At least, I was able to handle the installation process on my home to save a bit of money. I was determined to get the new windows installed before the upcoming winter. For the last several years, I’ve been rolling up towels along the window sills and putting plastic over them, trying to prevent cold drafts from coming in. I knew that not only was plenty of freezing cold air finding its way into the house, but our heated air was definitely leaking out. When the outside temperature dropped below zero, the furnace struggled to keep up. Raising the thermostat simply put more work on the heating system. It ran non stop and couldn’t maintain a comfortable temperature. Our heating bills were huge every winter and yet the house wasn’t all that comfortable. I worried about the furnace wearing out sooner than it should and potential malfunctions. Rather than buy a whole new heating system, I preferred to upgrade our windows. The new windows look way better and are much easier to clean. The panes tilt and eliminate setting up a ladder outside. I made sure to carefully insulate and caulk around them so there is no air leaking in or out. I’ve already noticed an improvement in comfort. I’m actually looking forward to the winter. I want proof that replacing the windows was a worthwhile investment.



a/c professional