My fiance hates having the A/C on when he’s sick


My fiance Tone can’t rest having the AC running in the home whenever he’s got a freeze or something, however it’s the weirdest thing, in our opinion.

I don’t ever get so sick that I don’t want to have the AC on while I was in the summertime.

I think that whenever she has one of her big boy head colds, she just feels bad in addition to it makes him act love a baby. I always get quite miserable and cranky with him when he’s sick. It’s not because I don’t love making him chicken soup or taking care of him. It’s mostly because I can’t rest not having the turned on the way that it should be. In our personal opinion, the control unit should be set no higher than seventy five degrees at all times; But when Tony feels a little bit sick, it’s ridiculous. She goes around griping about how freezing she is in addition to how she wants to turn the AC completely off. It makes me crazy. I keep telling him that just because she feels ill doesn’t mean that everyone else in the home has to suffer without having any AC. She says that the AC just makes him recognize worse in addition to she can’t ever get warm whenever he’s ill, and from now on, I’m going to provide him a heating pad whenever he gets sick so that she will leave the control unit alone. Tony says that if I will keep him warm by snuggling up to him in addition to bringing him heating pads, then she will try to leave the AC settings alone.

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