I dislike working on the top floor of the office building


When I 1st got promoted last autumn to our current position at work, I thought I was the luckiest gal in the world.

I was entirely moving up both figuratively in addition to literally speaking.

And it was because of that our current job position is situated on the top floor of the building with all of the other execs in addition to big bosses who run the contractor. I was happy to be up there on the topmost floor, in addition to I couldn’t wait to get this current office all set up. When I finally did get set up in addition to I started working up there, I instantly noticed that there was something odd going on with the heating in addition to cooling method up there. It was the middle of the summer season in addition to the temperatures outside were entirely rising. As you entirely learned back in school, heat rises. I figured this out the difficult way on our first day in our current offices. The floor to ceiling windows in our current office gave off some extreme heating from the heat transport from the sun through the glass in addition to our office started heating up more in addition to more by the minute. I turned the temperature down on the control unit, however this entirely didn’t seem to help honestly much. All of us have zone control heating in addition to cooling on the topmost floor of the building, in addition to so I assumed that I could keep our office just as cooled down as I wanted it. However, that didn’t end up being the case. It’s nearly impossible for the AC to keep our office cool because of the sun, the windows, in addition to the placement of the office. I think I’m going to bring a portable AC unit in to help cool things off in there.


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