The benefits that I was promised were a lie


I was very upset with the HVAC company that I started working for when I first decided that I was going to become an HVAC technician.

In fact, I was so upset with the HVAC company that I eventually left as soon as I finished my HVAC training.

I know that some people might find it unethical to quit your job with the HVAC company right after you finish training, but if you were in my shoes, you would have quit your job with the HVAC company too. I could not believe that the HVAC company lied to me like that. The HVAC company promised me so many benefits that they did not actually end up giving me. They promised me that I would get a ton of benefits if I decided to train with the HVAC company from the beginning. The HVAC company promised that if I took their free training to be an HVAC technician, they would continually raise my pay and provide great benefits. However, when I finally did become a certified HVAC technician, they did not provide those. After I finished, they told me that I would have to wait a few more years to get my benefits. However, I did not want to wait. The only reason that I took the job with the HVAC company as for the benefits. I was grateful for the free training, but I would not work for them as the HVAC technician without the benefits. I decided to find a job with a different HVAC company. I am so ticked at them.

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