I saw somebody with an air conditioner in their tractor


I could not believe that I saw somebody with an air conditioner in their tractor.

Now, I know that there are a lot of tractors that have built-in air conditioners, but these are not the kinds of tractors that I am talking about.

The tractor that I saw today that had an air conditioner in it was much more than just a fancy tractor that had an air conditioner already in it. No, this tractor was not made to have an air conditioner in it, but somebody decided to install an air conditioner in it. In order to install the air conditioner, they had to do some pretty sketchy things. First of all, they had to enclose the entire tractor. This tractor was made to have no window or roof or anything, but they built this glass back with a door so that they could insulate the air that was going to be made by the air conditioner. Sure, it made the tractor look terrible, but it was definitely functioning. Then, in the glass where the room was, they installed a window air conditioner. I do not know how they installed the window air conditioner or how it actually stays on the tractor, but it works well. Obviously, it is a small window air conditioner because you do not need much power for the air conditioner to cool that small space. Somehow, they managed to plug the air conditioner into the tractor because I did not see a generator. Now, I thought that it looked silly, but it was efficient. Normally, they would have been very warm, but with the air conditioner, they probably felt great. I would have never thought of that idea.
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