My parents were mad about the poor air quality in our home when our baby was born


When my wife just had our baby in the hospital, my parents came over to see the baby.

They were so filled with joy to have their first grandchild.

Then when we went back to my house and let my wife relax at the hospital, my parents were angry with me. They said the air quality in our house was terrible and asked what I was doing to keep up with the HVAC system. I didn’t know what the issue was, I changed the air filters regularly and the HVAC system seemed to work fine. My mother said the HVAC vents were filthy and I needed to call for ductwork cleaning. My father checked the air filter and said that I needed higher quality air filters, preferably HEPA air filters. My father also said that I needed to have an air purification system installed, one with a UV light. They basically forced me to get on the phone with the HVAC company to ask to have all these things taken care of. They didn’t want to waste any time because our baby was coming home soon and they said the air quality had to be good for the health of the baby. I actually felt bad that I never thought about these things with the HVAC system. So I had an HVAC technician come over to install a new UV air purification system and he also took care of the ductwork cleaning. I also ordered some HEPA air filters for the HVAC. After everything was done, the air quality improved a great deal in the house, and I was amazed. When I was able to take my wife and baby home, even my wife couldn’t believe how great the air quality was!

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