Being stuck in traffic without A/C was enough to get me to go to the auto shop


I’ve never been a fan of being stuck in traffic on the best of days, so when I was stuck in traffic when my A/C didn’t work, I was entirely miserable.

My wife kept telling me that I better take my car to the shop to get the A/C worked on, but I kept putting it off.

I honestly was afraid that the cost was going to be outrageous and I didn’t want to throw all of my money away and be broke. So here I was dealing with stop and go traffic and I was dying from the heat. It didn’t matter that I had the windows open, there was hardly any breeze and I was sweating like crazy. At that point, I would have done anything for a cold drink or being able to adjust the temperature control settings to get the A/C cranked up. When I finally made it out of the traffic, that’s when I decided to go straight to the auto shop. I didn’t care how long I had to wait because I just wanted to have that A/C working in my car again. Fortunately, the air conditioning in the waiting area was pretty good. I was pleased with the temperature control settings, and I didn’t even mind that I had to wait there for approximately an hour. They said it would have been quicker if I made an appointment, but it didn’t bother me. I was so happy when they finally had my car ready, and the A/C system was blowing ice-cold air again!

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