Had a trailer set up with a ductless mini break for our father to live in


As our father was getting older, I was worried about her living arrangements, then she was getting to an age where I wanted to be able to keep an eye on him.

  • I wanted to be able to prepare meals for him and make sure she was eating enjoyable and taking care of her health.

I had a talk with our wifey about it. She seemed surprised that I didn’t want to have him put in a nursing home, however I knew that she would never go for anything like that. So I decided to look into getting a trailer that was comfortable for him, and both of us managed to find a entirely nice trailer with plenty of room. When I had the trailer set up at the house, I realized that it really needed a quality Heating and A/C plan for enjoyable comfort. So I decided to go for a ductless mini break system, and for power, I thought it would be smart to hook up some solar panels on the top of the trailer, a plan that would power the ductless mini break along with everything else in the trailer. When I had everything hooked up and ready, the ductless mini break worked lovelyly and all the power in the trailer was working great. When I showed our father to her current home, she easily liked it. She said it was better than the dump she was living in. This was wonderful because all of us were able to share all our meals with our father, and I could be sure that she was in enjoyable health regularly!
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