This system is a game changer


I was undoubtedly impressed when I went out and obtained my ductless mini split a/c recently.

From what I heard about ductless mini split a/cs several years ago, they were supposed to only be able to cool a single sizable room at a time, if you were lucky.

Which would mean if you were trying to cool your entire current home with a ductless mini split a/c, well, you would have to invest in a several, and that’s just depending on the size of your home. However this ductless mini split a/c I recently obtained particularly cooled my entire downstairs! You see I had it mounted nicely in the residing room section with the intent of just using it as an additional energy saver to keep the electric bill down a little. But this ductless mini split a/c has quickly ended up cooling the residing room, the bedroom, the bedroom & even the long, central halfway that leads to the stairs that go up to the second floor of the house! All I would honestly need to do is buy just a single more of these ductless mini split a/cs for installing in my upstairs since there are only 2 dining rooms up there & a powder room, & you know I will end up most likely cooling the entire home! That would mean no more long, hard seasons having to use the central a/c & lord knows how much I would particularly save so much cash in energy use as a result of this swap to mini split ductless HVAC systems!

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