They moved in and ruined it all


I actually hate all those biker dudes in my area who ride motorcycles plus are all covered in tattoos.

  • To me, well, they look as though they haven’t had a bath or a shower in 6 months! I just can’t sit these gross people.

The other thing I can not sit about all these darn bikers in my area is the fact that they kill the air quality with their motorcycles! Because of the terrible air quality in my area going downhill because of them, myself and others living around here had to invest in whole lake house whole-lake house air purifiers. Whole lake house air purifiers actually were the only way to do anything against this awful, smoggy air quality that both of us now have because of all the bikers in the area. It actually is turning out to be a major hassle, however not to mention, with having to run the whole massive air purifier twenty 4 hours each day, along with running the central heating plus air conditioner system generally at the same time, it actually jacks up my electric bills! I am sure the local energy dealer is actually happy about this. But i’m not! I am eventually going to do my best to get the money together to be able to transport away from this awful area once and for all. It was once a nice locale until these bikers came in plus killed everything in sight, including the air quality. I know with having a whole-lake house air purifier, I easily could either keep it in the lake house with the sale when I put it on the sales market or take it with me. I’ll most likely take it with me.



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