It was a good plan until they ruined it


I was having some lake house renovations done for myself the other month.

The job I was having done was converting my large outside porch into an extension of the house.

To make it kind of into a den. I had a lot of construction going on plus a lot of construction workers doing everything. I could not know what happened when they suddenly got a little careless plus ended up dropping a 2 ton board on top of my amazing new central heating plus air conditioner system unit! In short, they ended up killing my entire central heat plus air conditioner system! I was seriously going to call and fire plus then sue this construction dealer I had hired. But the way they later handled it showed they were tplot professionals. They ended up paying out of pocket for both a brand new central heating plus air conditioner system for my home, plus at that point they paid for the emergency speedy installation plus my hotel costs in between getting my new system installed. It was the middle of winter, so I needed to be in central heating to survive obviously. Needless to say they finished the job of the lake house renovations plus I even ended up getting a brand new central heating plus air conditioner system because of their utter carelessness. Although they took full responsibility plus it didn’t actually cost myself and others a cent to repair the mess they made, I will never ever again try to hire this construction dealer for anything! I really think it wouldn’t be worth the risk.


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