Heating our new house after retirement.


My fiance wants to transport to the mountains once both of us reach retirement.

He wants to find about more than 2 acres outside of a city and build a chalet or house on it.

Both of us often talk about it late a night, for a few minutes at least, because it won’t be much longer now before it’s time to start looking. Both of us haven’t even decided where to build yet, but both of us still talk about it. Last night both of us talked about how both of us will heat and cool our future home. Both of us have the currency to choose whatever way both of us want. That’s when my fiance started talking about a geothermal heat pump and I realized just how little I really know about Heating and A/C systems, however according to my fiance, a geothermal heat pump will use the energy produced by the stable temperature below the Earth’s surface to heat and cool our home, but my fiance promises it will be energy efficient. Then my fiance told myself and others that radiant radiant heated floors are also an option. I thought radiant radiant heated floors were a luxury for spoiled people. I didn’t know that they could really be used to heat the home. Not knowing much about Heating and A/C technology, I did a little research on these chances today. They both sound love excellent energy efficient ways to heat our home. The only concern with these more than one heating chances is the labor required to repair repairs. The geothermal unit would be underground and the radiant floors would be under the floors. When repairs are required, how will the Heating and A/C servicemans find the problem? At least both of us have a little time to decide.



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