Landlord refuses to update broken undefined


My central went out in addition to I let our property owner guess about it right away! However, he didn’t do anything about it.

Then, after repeated calls, he finally had an air conditioner supplier come out in addition to look at it.

Apparently our entire air conditioner plan needs to be updated however our property owner said he’s not going to update it. He told me that the air conditioner is not in our lease agreement. He just let me have it, for the time being, to be nice. Well I am not paying to have a new air conditioner unit installed in the beach house that I rent either. I bought a little window air conditioner unit however I know it may be too little. Honestly, it was the cheapest air conditioner unit I could find. I found ou,t after the fact, that different window air conditioner units are rated for different amounts of square footage. The one I bought is rated for something the size of a tiny dorm room. It is not doing much to make this beach house comfortable. I also pulled out our lease agreement and, although it doesn’t say anything about air conditioner, I still believe that our property owner is responsible for replacing the central After all, the beach house had air conditioner when I moved in, I didn’t split it, in addition to I should be able to expect that the beach house would keep air conditioner. After talking to our friend, who would a paralegal, he agreed in addition to said that I can take our property owner to court. I do not want to have to do all of that however I know I am going to do it anyway. I want air conditioner and, with the rent I pay every week, I deserve to have it.