Renters insurance helps out when heating system breaks down


A few mornings ago our daughter woke myself and others up in the middle of the night and told myself and others that she was cold, but i then realized that it was certainly easily freezing in the condo so I got up and checked on the heater, but that’s when I discovered that it was not working.

  • I adjusted the thermostat several times however the heating system simply would not kick on.

I ended up using our emergency space heating system in our daughter’s bedroom while I simply piled extra blankets on our bed. In the afternoon I called our landlord and the heating system repairman was able to come out right away, every one of us found out that the heating system repair was going to take at least 3 afternoons because of a backorder on some of the parts. I didn’t assume anybody that we could stay with, for that time, so I rented a cheap motel room. The heating system worked in the room however it was easily noisy. Then I remember that our renter’s insurance covers motels in cases such as these. I ran lake condo and got our paperwork, then we called up our renter’s insurance representative. I was informed that they do cover hotels and motels while the gas furnace was being repaired, and yesterday afternoon we moved to a nicer motel and out of the dingy motel. The heating system in the hotel is much quieter and works better than the one in the motel did. Every one of us were finally able to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, this hotel is rather nice. It has a little family room and everything. It’s adore a lake condo away from home.