Smart thermostat works differently than traditional one


Every time our dishwasher turns on, the thermostat in our condo goes crazy.

If the heating system is on, the thermostat will turn it off. If the cooling system is on, it will stay running until the dishwasher is done washing the dishes. I believe this is because the thermostat reads the temperature right above the dishwasher. That means that it always feels adore it’s boiling when the dishwasher is on. It’s one of those really aged thermostats that has a dial and you set the temperature by turning the dial. It also has a little mercury tube inside of it and then wires that run into the wall and that fasten to our HVAC system somewhere along the way. The HVAC system is not that aged however the thermostat looks adore it was put in when the condo was built. I’m assuming the thermostat was put in before dishwashers were even invented. That would explain the exhausting layout, and for the longest time I didn’t believe to do anything about the thermostat issue, but after all, I didn’t want to pay a big amount of currency. Instead we would just turn off the heating or air-conditioning when the dishwasher was running, if it bothered us, but recently I had an HVAC company come out and do a professional cleaning of our HVAC system. The business told myself and others that we could get a smart thermostat installed and it would cost under $200. The smart thermostat can have different probes that learn un-even temperatures in whatever room we want them to. Besides, a smart thermostat can be localed on any wall, not just above the dishwasher. I’m seriously thinking about getting one of those.