Air conditioning and respiratory problems


Like the two of us all aren’t thinking enough about our health.

I think a pandemic that will kill a million or more people will put the state of your health front and also center.

Being at home inside the heating and air conditioning somehow makes myself and others even that much more aware as well. It’s undoubtedly because I just don’t have several distractions so my family’s health just always stays forefront in my mind. I get especially anxious for my fiance. She has a bit of a fragile respiratory system. Her situation is akin to having mild asthma. Normally, she doesn’t really need her inhaler. But she too is working from home and I noticed that she has been coughing more and has to go to the inhaler more often. This got myself and others to thinking about the heating and air conditioning and the air quality in our home. The people I was with and I have long had nice HEPA type heating and air conditioning air filters to help remove airborne contaminants from the air. They do a pretty nice job as well. However, now that my fiance is inside the new home all the time, I decided to take the indoor air quality to a much higher level. I wanted to have something that would be active in cleaning the air in the house. To me, making sure the indoor air quality is as high as it can possibly be is essential. So I called the heating and air conditioning people and they came to the new home to install a whole new home air purifier inside the heating and air conditioning air handler unit. This way I am assured that my fiance and the rest of us will get the best heating and air conditioning indoor air quality money can buy.


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