Getting new but old house up to date with HVAC


I couldn’t believe it when I received the news.

It came as registered mail so that made an immediate knot in my stomach.

I don’t think I have ever received good news via registered mail. I sat down on the couch already sweating even though I was directly under the HVAC vent. But to my utter astonishment, it was not bad news at all. In fact, it was a mind blower. My uncle, who had passed about six months prior, left me his house. This was stunning news to me and almost along the lines of a miracle. I don’t make much money so never thought I would be able to afford my very own HVAC maintained house. Well, it happened sort of. I did get the house but it was in pretty bad shape. But, it was still a house. There would be a need for some renovations to make it liveable. The first of which would have to be the HVAC system. The house had an ancient central air system that didn’t even run. The ductwork was dilapidated and could not be used. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to afford the wonderful gift I was given. However, once I consulted with an HVAC contractor, I knew living in the house would be totally possible. He suggested that I install ductless HVAC units inside the house. The layout lent itself to being great for ductless heating and cooling. This was an HVAC solution that I could afford. I’m so pleased to have the ductless HVAC now.



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