I have too many air conditioners


I have too many air conditioners, and I certainly don’t need anymore.

My friends keep trying to give me air conditioners, and I have no clue why.

I have had two friends now ask me if I needed an air conditioner, and I told them that I didn’t, but they still proceeded to try to give me air conditioners. The weird thing is that I don’t need air conditioners because I have three extra air conditioners already. I thought that I only had two extra air conditioners, but I found a third air conditioner in the attic last week. It is an old air conditioner, but I tried it out, and it still works well. I am currently using three air conditioners in my house as it is, so I have six air conditioners altogether. That is crazy. Why on earth would I need six air conditioners? I have a tiny two bedroom house. I don’t even need three air conditioners. I just use three air conditioners because I can. I have one air conditioner in my bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the guest bedroom. I only use the air conditioner in the guest bedroom when I have guests over of course. I don’t know why I have three extra air conditioners, but I certainly don’t need them. I am thinking about putting them out in my front yard with free signs on them so that someone who needs them can take them. I hope that I can find someone who needs the air conditioners because I certainly don’t need the three extra air conditioners that I have.

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