I left my screwdriver at the customer's home


I started working as a Heating and Air Conditioning repair technician about five months ago, but I did not realize it would be so expensive to buy all of the tools that I need to complete the job correctly.

I was genuinely delighted when my mom and dad bought me a very nice screwdriver set for Christmas! The screwdrivers are made for working with electricity and they have special grips that keep me from getting electrocuted.

There are many different sizes in the set and I have a dozen wrenches in both standard and SAE measurements. I use the 16 mm screwdriver all of the time. Most of the nuts and bolts on an Heating and Air Conditioning component are 16 mm. I was using my 16 mm screwdriver last Sunday on an Heating and Air Conditioning repair and I forgot to grab the screwdriver before I left to go back to the shop. I called the customer and she didn’t find the screwdriver anywhere in the garage. She even looked in the street and in her front yard where my truck was parked. I thought I was doomed to buy a new screwdriver, but yesterday the customer called to tell me that she found my lost tools. The screwdriver fell behind the refrigerator in the customer’s garage when I Was moving things to get closer to the Heating and Air Conditioning unit, however when the shopper was cleaning the area, she noticed the screwdriver and knew immediately that it was my lost item. I’m so thankful that she took the time to call me and get the tool back in my hands. She could have tossed it in the trash and never thought about me again.

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