The company website helped our sales


My husband and I sunk all of our savings into an Heating and Air Conditioning company.

  • It was my husband’s dream to own his own company and he was fed up working for the man, he worked for the same Heating and Air Conditioning supplier for 10 years and he only received a raise three times, however my husband worked his tail off for that supplier and his sales were over $100,000 each year.

My husband and I didn’t see a penny of the proceeds, so when the first of the year came and went and my husband didn’t get a raise, we decided it was time to take a leap of faith. The first thing we did was hire a web design supplier to create a website and logo for the business. My husband and I had a lot of great ideas for the website, but we didn’t know anything about design, graphics, or programming. We found a young guy in college looking that needed college credit. He only charged us about half the price of a respected internet programmer and he did an amazing work with our ideas. The logo and new graphics pop and they really bring out the page. The guy added keywords and optimized our page so search engines will find us. I know the website is going to help drive more clients to our business. We have a small number of respected commercial Heating and Air Conditioning clients and all of us have a few residential buyers as well. So far the sales and repair calls have been sporadic, although I guess the website is going to change a lot of things.

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