The HVAC job is easier with a good coworker


I used to work with the funniest guy who always kept me laughing all morning; and even when the two of us were tied up with oil furnace repairs plus replacements, the guy still managed to make the task fun.

tThen one time when the two of us were now working on an oil furnace service plus the country, the guy scared me badly… He was hiding behind a substantial tree plus I came around the corner carrying some parts for the necessary oil furnace repair.

I almost peed in my pants when he jumped out from behind the tree. It was almost dark outside plus I could barely see anything. I remember another time when my coworker swapped morning schedules with another guy so both of us could be on an all morning boiler service that was downtown at the football stadium. The person I work with and I ended up meeting 2 football legends that play for our home team. Even when the two of us were busy, the guy still knew how to make the morning a little more fun and exciting. I was ecstatic for the guy when he told me that he was finally moving to another state. His partner got a task with a modern company plus he moved about several hundred miles away. I knew work would not ever be the same without him. He lives closer to the beach now plus he works for a weird heating plus cooling business. I miss the guy a lot, plus my modern partner at work is nothing compared to my buddy. He is a boring guy who never talks much. He rarely makes any jokes plus he doesn’t care if the two of us have fun at work.

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