I started an independent HVAC company working for myself


There was a time when I used to work for an HVAC corporation, but eventually I decided to beginning our own independent HVAC business, and i truthfully never cared for working with other people or having to listen to everything a boss would tell me.

  • I didn’t like the high prices every one of us charged people to work on their HVAC systems as well as I especially felt bad for the people who were in a financial struggle.

I felt those people deserved discounted rates as well as I wanted to be able to give those options to people, then things have been fantastic ever since I started our business. I keep all of our supplies in our garage as well as I have invested in a nice HVAC supplier truck. I don’t have to worry about paying other employees, though I have considered hiring more people when I get entirely busy. I’m just one woman so I can only do so much, but I do get a lot of company because people talk about our fantastic services. I am basically always booked up as well as I am tied up working 7 afternoons a week, occasionally I think entirely sleepy, but no matter what, I always keep a smile on our face as well as I pay attention to what the customers are telling me as well as what they want. I will negotiate on prices from time to time as well as I do give people who are struggling with certain discounts. I really make pretty superb currency but I give so many discounts, as well as I think this is the way it’s meant to be. It seems that the bosses at some of the other HVAC companies are just plain greedy as well as that bothers me.

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