Did the HVAC tech say he would be here Thursday or Friday?


I live a very busy life and if I don’t take time to slow down, I often forget what day it is. I mix up my appointments all the time, which is why I have a secretary. I often joke that I should hire her to take care of my home life, but she just laughs. I wonder if she realizes how serious I am. I would love to pay her to keep my home life running smoothly. Like last week. I knew I was to have the HVAC technician at the house to do the annual inspection of my furnace. I had the time, or at least I thought I did, but I couldn’t remember if he was going to be there on Thursday or Friday. I wanted to call the HVAC company and ask them, but for someone who was a business exec, they would laugh at me. I called my secretary and asked her if I had any appointments on Thursday or Friday. I figured I would take off both days if I had nothing pressing to take care of. I would then be home so that when the HVAC tech showed up, I would be there. I wouldn’t need to embarrass myself by making that call to the HVAC company. My secretary told me that my calendar was free, and I told her to take a long weekend, because I would not be in the office. Before she hung up, she reminded me not to go too far. She said I had an appointment with the HVAC company on Thursday morning. They were going to clean and service the furnace before winter began. I thanked her and made plans to go away for a three-day weekend after the HVAC technician left.



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