I was shivering from the cold.


I went to visit my grandmother over Christmas last year.

  • I hadn’t seen her for three years.

Since I had gone to college, I hadn’t been back home. I was so busy working all summer long and working on all of my off time, that going home wasn’t easy for me. I was going to school in the south and my family lived in New England. I graduated last winter, and I couldn’t wait to get home and see my family. As soon as I got off the plane, I took a taxi to my grandmother’s house. I couldn’t wait to see her. I couldn’t believe how cold I was. I asked the taxi driver if he could please turn up the heating in the back seat; I was shivering so hard. I was glad to get to Grandma’s house. She always had the thermostat high since she was always cold. I now knew how she was feeling, and I was looking forward to enjoying the comfort of her heating system as much as she did. When I got to Grandma’s house, it surprised me to find that she wasn’t home. I got back into the taxi, shivering even harder, and gave him the directions to my mom’s house. I was shocked to find everyone waiting for me at home. My grandma was there, all of my brothers and mom and dad, all waiting for me to arrive. Mom had my old room all made up, and she even added a space heater. She told me she knew the cold would bother me after four years of being in the south. She even had the thermostat turned up, and I had to give her a hug for being so thoughtful.
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