Had a nice visit with my family but it was freezing


I went to visit my Grandmother over Christmas just last year.

I hadn’t seen her for approximately 3 years.

Since I had gone to university, I hadn’t been back home. I was so stressed working all summer time plus working on all of my off time, that going back wasn’t self-explanatory for me. I was going to school in the South plus my family lived in New England. I graduated recently this last winter, plus I couldn’t wait to get back to my property plus see my family. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I took a taxi to my Grandmother’s property. I couldn’t wait to see her. I couldn’t really believe how chilly I was. I asked the taxi driver if he could please crank up the heating in the back seat; I was shivering profusely. I was blissful to get to Grandma’s property. She consistently had the thermostat turned up since she was constantly feeling frosty. I now knew how she was feeling, plus I was looking forward to enjoying the comfort of her heating equipment as much as she did. When I got to Grandma’s property, it amazed me to find that she wasn’t home. I got hopped back into the taxi, shivering even harder, plus provided him the instruction to get to my mom’s property. I was absolutely shocked to find everyone waiting for me at the property. My Grandma was there, all of my siblings plus mom plus dad, all easily waiting for me to arrive. Mom had my seasoned room all made up, plus she even added an area heater. She told me she was aware that the chilly temperatures would bother me after all these years of being in the South. She even had the thermostat turned up, plus I had to provide her a hug for being so thoughtful.

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