You can improve your air quality a good amount with a good air filter


The plan absolutely made a crucial right turn this year with all of the fallout from the pandemic.

My schedule which I worked to perfect for many years was pretty much shredded.

There was no more grabbing the good root beer as well as a treat for the commute to get to my workplace. That office with the customizable HVAC was essentially gone. My kids were learning from lake property as I tried to find a great locale to work. That routine that I subconsciously depended on was easily gone in a flash. And truthfully, I don’t really know that it will ever come back. At least not the way it was. I’m even hearing talk that the company may just switch to working remotely. That pretty much means I could end up at home particularly working in the HVAC for the unforeseeable future. It absolutely makes you take stock in how fragile all our lives truly are. However, instead of being totally bitter about all of this, I’ve rolled with the punches. Life has to come with some amount of flexibility or change will straight up roll right over you. So, I did discover a locale to make our office and manage to learn more about being an attentive spouse as well as father while at the property for all of these weeks. Perhaps there will be a few positives that come out of this wild pandemic. I sure hope so. One change that will stay is the excellent air quality. At the beginning of all this, I was able to discover that quality indoor air was pressing to a good immune response. Of course, I ordered some HEPA filters to update the cheap paper HVAC air filters I was using. That change has been a positive one as the people I was with and I have the most excellent indoor air we’ve ever experienced in this property.

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