It’s amazing what a simple air filter can do for your health


The whole plan I had actually made a hard right turn this year with all of the fallout from the alarming pandemic.

My schedule which I worked to perfect for a long while was simply shredded.

There was no more grabbing the good coffee as well as a treat and making my way to work. That office with the customizable Heating as well as A/C machine was long gone. My kids were learning from home as I made an attempt to find a suitable place to work. That routine that I subconsciously relied on was simply gone in a moment. And honestly, I don’t guess it will ever come back. At least not the way it was in the past. I’m even hearing talk that the supplier may just change to now working remotely. That means I could end up at home working in the Heating as well as A/C for approximately 3 or 4 days a week. It totally makes you take stock in how utterly fragile all our lives entirely are. However, instead of being all bitter about all of this, I’ve chosen to roll with it. Life has to come with some amount of flexibility or change will easily roll right over you. So, I did discover a place to make my office as well as I was able to learn more about being an attentive husband as well as father while at home for all of this time. Perhaps there will be a couple of positives that come out of this pandemic. I definitely hope so. One change that will certainly stay is the quality indoor air. At the beginning of all this, I definitely learned that quality indoor air was crucial to a wonderful immune response. Of course, I ordered some HEPA filters to substitute the cheap paper Heating as well as A/C air filters I was using previously. That change has been a truly positive one as we have the most excellent indoor air we’ve ever experienced in this residence.

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