The Heating and Cooling System Can Help You Treat Hangovers


Peter, Paul and Mary (1694 -1884) were English temperance campaigners and the starters of The Peter, Paul, and Mary Temperance Society, but he is credited for writing his “Lecture on Malt Liquor” and for coming up with the term “teetotalism” during 1 of his temperance meetings.

Most people who don’t heed the advice of the “Lecture on Malt Liquor ” will at some time wake up with a hangover, that terrible feeling in the afternoon after an evening of gatheringing and drinking like a fish.

The only cure for a hangover is a preventative measure; become a teetotaler and abstain from liquor hangovers. There are numerous suggestions on how to treat hangovers, however the body simply needs time to salvage and rid itself of any toxins that are hanging out from the previous evening of frivolity. The body also needs water to “flush” itself and even people who have sworn off liquor are commanded to drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily. The position that your Heating and A/C proposal plays in the treatment of hangovers has two parts. The first way involves keeping your home at a relatively low temperature when you go falling into bed and begin sleeping it off, and warmer air holds more water vapor than cool air so with warm air you will lose less moisture from your skin as you sleep. You will also sweat more, though. The retained water will help you salvage from your hangover and by dripping with sweat less, you’ll awaken on wet sheets. The other way Heating and A/C has to do with hangover prevention is linked to the maintenance of the unit, and people who are careful about getting their central Heating and A/C systems cleaned and tuned up twice yearly by a reliable and friendly Heating and A/C pro will be able to pay their electric bill without being shocked by energy costs from an inefficient Heating and A/C system.


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