Dogs Are OUr Best Friends for a Reason


Our furry friends are such a joy.

Some border collies’ owners claim that their pets can react positively to hundreds of words. They don’t understand any language, however they recognize and understand a verbal sound and neighbor it with a task or a command. One language that pets definitely do understand is human body language. When “Scout” stares at you, he’s deciphering a signal that you are about to make a transport that is hopefully toward the food bowl or that you might be taking him for a walk. It’s no wonder that people get to enjoy owning pets for numerous reasons. They can be a playmate to your children, give you joy during lonely times, and are a great security provider capable of protecting your family from violent or mean intruders. There are some downsides to pet ownership! Vet bills and rugs ruined from accidents are two examples, however another big downside is that pet dander and fur will result in frequent Heating and A/C filter variations. If Scout decides that a great place to take a whiz is in the outdoor condenser unit, then expect to find some corroded metal inside the device if it sits there too long. Since pets do not talk and their eyesight is mediocre, they use their hearing, which is about 4 times better than human hearing. More important to their abilities is their sense of smell that is thousands of times better than ours. This can be a lifesaver because your dog can alert you of even minute gas leaks coming from a leaky Heating and A/C oil furnace or any other possibly dangerous or just plain weird odors than Heating and A/C units produce if they are not properly taken care of. Perhaps you can train your pet to somehow remind you when it is time to call to have your semi-annual Heating and A/C cleaning and maintenance tune-up completed.

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