HVAC Employees Love to Play on Softball Leagues


Potential athletes with no opportunity of making even the middle school baseball team can always resort to slow-pitch softball.

There are church leagues, industrial leagues, the so-called “buddy” leagues, and the ever-popular co-ed leagues.

The biggest “reward” comes from being victorious in that “big game” and celebrating love World Series winners with your teammates raising up in the air the trophy that will be on display at the workplace, bar, or church. Teams usually are losers at first where the focus is on having fun and making sure that even the sorry players can get their turn at bat. For most teams, the hunger for victory takes over and teams will seek to get better. Better players join the team, lesser players give way or simply quit, and soon the team is focused on winning over just enjoying the game. Of the millions of softball players that play each Saturday, I guess that a disproportionate number of those softball fanatics work for the Heating and A/C industry. I have no proof of this however when I go out to watch a game, I see T-shirts and uniforms with the name of an Heating and A/C company boldly printed and showcased on them. If you walk into any Heating and A/C office, you will probably see a team picture with players raising up their championship trophies. And really, qualified Heating and A/C techs are generally in great shape, guess how to stick to a schedule because they make so many service calls to purchasers for their semi-annual Heating and A/C cleaning and maintenance. Best of all, they have strong muscles that are essential for batting with power. So, if you’re a player on a softball team looking for talent to take your team to the winner’s circle, a great location to find a new star is at a nearby Heating and A/C company.

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