I finally know why my father told a big lie


I wanted my parents to have brunch with my girlfriend plus I in the city, however my father told me that they were both feeling under the weather.

I was a little disappointed, because I unquestionably wanted them to meet my lady.

I didn’t want anyone to get sick, so I understood why my father said no to the invitation, however my lady plus I were going to have brunch at a new restaurant. The place was totally packed plus we didn’t have any reservations. We easily decided to go to a small romantic bistro in the heart of the city that has a nice fireplace. Jesse picked the place because it was her preferred spot to listen to jazz music. I thought it would be a great time with excellent climate control settings. While my lady plus I were waiting for our table, I went to the bar to pick us up a couple of drinks… My dad was resting at the bar. I was going to walk up to him plus provide him a hard time for lying about being sick, although I hastily came to realize why my dad told a big fat lie. He wasn’t at the bar with my mother. In fact, I didn’t see my father anywhere in the room. I did see an appealing blond lady resting next to my father with her hand on his leg though. They were clearly together even though my dad was attempting to act as if everything was fine. I excused myself from the bar plus I told my girlfriend that we had to leave the restaurant. When we got to the car, I told her everything that happened.

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