I can’t believe what my dad did


I wanted my mom and dad to have supper with my girl and I in the city.

My father actually told me that they were both feeling under the weather.

I was entirely disappointed, because I certainly had the desire for them to meet my beautiful girlfriend. I did not want anyone to get sick, so I understood why my father was quick to say no to the invitation. My girlfriend and I were going to have supper at a current pizzeria, however the arena was packed and we actually did not have any reservations. We totally decided to go to a small passionate bistro in the heart of the city that has a marvelous fireplace. My girlfriend picked the arena because it was her number one spot to listen to her preferred music. I thought it would be a wonderful night with relaxing temperature control settings! While my girlfriend and I were waiting for our table, I went to the bar to pick us up a few drinks. My dad was relaxing at the bar. I was going to walk up to him and deliver him a challenging time for lying about being sick, although I suddenly realized why my dad told a straightforward lie. He definitely wasn’t at the bar with my mom. In fact, I did not see my mom at all. I did see an appealing blond lady lying next to my dad with her hand rubbing his leg. I could tell they were together even though my dad was trying to act as if everything was normal. I excused myself from the bar and I told my bestie that we had to leave in a jiffy. When we were leaving, I told her everything with the temperature control settings set just right.


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