It’s unacceptable what my father did


I wanted my mom and dad to have dinner with my wifey and I in the city, but my father ended up telling me that they were both feeling under the weather! I was pretty disappointed, because I really was hoping they could meet my lovely girlfriend.

I didn’t want anyone to get sick though, so I easily understood why my dad said no to the invitation.

My lovely girl and I were going to have dinner at a new diner, but the locale was severely packed and both of us didn’t have any reservations… We ended up going to a small sentimental bistro in the heart of the city that has fantastic temperature control settings. My girlfriend easily picked the locale because it was her preferred spot to listen to charming jazz music. I thought it would be a lovely and interesting evening; While my girl and I we’re waiting for our table, I went to the bar to get us some drinks! My dad was actually sitting at the bar. I was going to walk up to him and give him a strenuous time for lying about being sick, however I swiftly noticed why my dad told a crucial fat lie… He wasn’t at the bar with my mom at all. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see my mom at all in the room. I did see a beautiful blond lady resting next to my dad with her hand working his leg. It couldn’t be more obvious that they were there together even though my dad was trying to act basically like everything was fine. I excused myself from the bar and I told my wifey that both of us had to leave the diner quickly. When both of us got to the car, I was telling her everything after I adjusted the temperature control settings.
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