Get proactive with HVAC savings this coming summer


I hate to say it but the summer heat is never to far from my thoughts. That really shouldn’t be all that surprising given that is the penultimate weather issue in our area. We don’t deal with snow or ice. We don’t deal with a five month stretch of bone chilling cold. But we do get more than our fair share of big time heat and humidity. However, I would make that trade and plan to for the rest of my life. I know how tough it is up north during the winter. I did it for a few years and could hardly even leave the HVAC heated confines of my bedroom. So, I’ll take the heat and humidity. We manage because we have the HVAC heat pump to cool our homes, offices and everywhere else. Without that, it would be a miserable 4 months that’s for sure. However as thankful as I am for the HVAC cooling, a person still has to be careful with it. That stuff can get very expensive over an entire summer. So, there has to be some proactive steps taken in order to keep the HVAC costs down. It starts with sealing up the house tight to keep the HVAC treated air inside. Next, good curtains are essential to eliminate direct sun heating. But really, the biggest thing is the HVAC thermostat. If you can’t keep some sort of HVAC setting discipline, it’s going to be an expensive summer. We just program our thermostat to allow the temperature inside rise as the heat goes up outside. But, we cool it down nicely at night and use plenty of fans as well. Just being a little proactive can pay off big time.


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