Topping off home renovation with new HVAC


It was clear to my wife and I that things were going to have to change once the kids were out of the house. This became really clear as we tried to keep up a big house for no reason. It just made no sense for us to keep a place that was meant for a family when there was just the two of us. Plus, costs like the HVAC were steep when you consider how many people are benefiting from heating & cooling such a large place. No, it was crystal clear that we were going to have to renovate the house and get it on the market. While there was some sadness about giving up the family home, it was also sort of exciting for us to be starting a new chapter. Once we got the kitchen done, put on a new roof and did some other cosmetic stuff, it was time to tackle the HVAC. Our realtor knew a great HVAC contractor that she put us in touch with. It was going to be a bit of a tricky thing. We wanted to balance getting an HVAC upgrade to sell the house. But we didn’t want to overdo that and spend more than we would get back. Neither my wife nor I had the time or inclination to get into researching all of our HVAC options. Enter the excellent HVAC contractor. Thankfully, he was able to sift through all that stuff and get us just what we needed. The HVAC upgrade is really nice and will be a selling point. However, we didn’t overspend either. I’m going to miss this place. But all the memories we made here will go with us as we get on with this phase of our lives.



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