Seasons changing


Do you ever wake up, as if from a dream when the seasons change? I suppose that changing weather are the only ways that I remember I still exist, at all.

If the outdoor air conditions never changed, I would particularly forget that I was a living organism traveling through time and space, to be honest.

In the past week I realized that I had zoned out for the entire Winter season, but this is usually when I decide that something needs to change in my life! So, I planned a weekend getaway for myself and expected to unwind in the increasing outdoor air temperatures. Instead, I found myself more disappointed than ever when I arrived at my hotel. I basically had the most uncomfortable experience of my life thanks to the lack of heating, cooling, and ventilation unit in my hotel room. When I made that reservation I assumed that there was a mini split ductless heating and cooling system located in the hotel room. Usually these indoor air handling devices are clean, quiet, easy to use, and keep everything comfortable, but however, when I entered the suite, the room was free of any Heating and Air Conditioning devices in immediate view. It was also cold. The increasing air temperature outside didn’t make for comfortable air inside separate from a furnace. The lady at the front desk truthfully did not sympathize with my Heating and Air Conditioning issue. As I shivered, they told me that the hotel listing never detailed any heating, cooling, and air quality control in the suite. I got my room, and no one ever mentioned heat.

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